The eclipsing binary system Tr16-1 = CPD-59 2628

Update: Apr 19, 2024
Analysis of photometric and spectroscopic observations of this eclipsing binary system (Annual Meeting 2003, Asociación Argentina de Astronomía)

CPD -59o2628 is an O9 type star, located in the inmediate neighbourhood of Eta Carinae (labeled as number 3 in the frame).
Differential photometry related to HDE303308 (number 2) was done. Here, we present BVRI light curves obtained with the 0.8m "V.S.Niemela" telescope at La Plata Observatory (OALP), during the monitoring of Eta Carinae.

The images are acquired through Johnson-Cousins BVRI filters with a Photometrics STAR I CCD camera attached to the 0.8-m reflector (f/20.06 Cassegrain) at La Plata Observatory, Argentina. The detector used is a Thomson-CSF TH7883 scientific-grade front-illuminated chip, Peltier cooled, of 384 x 576 pixels (23 microns square pixel). The instrumental configuration results in 1'.9 x 2'.8 field images. BVRI passbands used are those recommended by Bessell (1990) for coated CCDs.

Differential photometry of Tr16-1 minus HDE 303308. Orbital phases were calculated with the following ephemeris: 2,450,456.8164+1.4693316E days (Freyhammer et al., 2001).

Residuals from the comparisson of the V observations of Tr16-1 against a Wilson-Devinney model. It was obtained using the physical parameters given by Freyhammer et al., 2001.
Observations of Eta Carina

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